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Reducing the risk of government website data breaches

How simple scenario testing can reduce vulnerability 

A new whitepaper that looks at how government agencies can protect themselves against cyber-crime and data breaches.

No government agency wants to deal with data breaches, but they do occur. In 2019 alone, there were several that compromised New Zealand citizens, including privacy breaches, leaked details, and private details being shared online.

This whitepaper addresses the challenges of cyber security faced by crown agencies in New Zealand and the steps they need to take to ensure they're protected.


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What’s in this whitepaper?


  • Taking cyber security seriously – why the NZ Government has a comprehensive digital strategy in place, and the importance of people and businesses being connected online.
  • Tripping over your digital feet – a look at some of the recent government data breaches and how they could have been avoided.
  • The best means of protection - the protection of business and government websites and data is down to proper planning and the implementation of systems specifically designed to combat cyber-crime.
  • The Syl solution – The Syl Validator can crawl through government websites, seeking out any data that shouldn’t be in the public domain.