Syl provides enterprise search solutions

In the complex world of enterprise content management, Syl makes it easier for your people to find meaningful information assets they can use to make better decisions, faster. No matter the asset types, the location, the content system, Syl makes findability simple.

We apply the power of our technology, the deep knowledge of our team and a single-minded focus on enterprise search solutions.

Syl. Find simplicity.

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Our products and services

Syl offers you a range of enterprise findability solutions to harness the value of your information assets.

Syl Search

Find meaningful information when you need it. Syl Search provides unified access to your information wherever it is, using your own language. 

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Syl Inventory

Take control and unlock the value of your enterprise information by taking inventory and gaining control of the ever-increasing volume of information.

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Syl Platform

Syl Platform is the "engine" that drives Syl Search and Syl Inventory. However, Syl Platform can optionally be embedded into 3rd party applications.

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Syl Agents

Syl Agents are the keys that unlock the value of your disparate repositories, allowing a unified view of your digital assets within your enterprise.

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"Syl just get enterprise search. It isn’t internet search, it needs to be more precise."

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TRACY PARSONS, Former Head of Information, New Zealand Transport Agency.
Life after GSA eBook

GSA Replacement eBook: Life after GSA

Why settling for a 'like for like' replacement may result in outcomes you don't like.

In this Syl guide, we look at what is happening with Google's enterprise search product GSA and the steps you can take to implement an alternative solution as support for GSA comes to an end.

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