Syl Pricing

Pricing options for Syl

Syl can be deployed in three modes:

  • Inventory Audit – typically used for a few months to create an audit of the digital assets (files and data records) in an organisation. This is useful for administrative analysis and reporting of asset types and volume growth over time.

  • Discovery Audit – also typically used for a few months, but creates a more comprehensive audit of assets. This includes parsing detailed metadata of each asset including date last accessed/modified, word counts, versions, etc., and optionally crawling within assets for additional embedded content. You can build reports and queries on any number of attributes to better understand the information assets you hold and trends over time.

  • Enterprise Search – This incorporates features of the above, but also includes the Syl Search enterprise search engine for end users, with built-in connectors to existing data repositories within your organisation, and Syl can incorporate the security model and policies already existing in your organisation. Syl Search has additional features such as dashboards, real time messaging and notifications, smarts around string validation such as tax number validation and provides a framework for developing a Te Reo lexicon.

Indicative starting pricing for Syl products:

Starting Cost
(software only)

Starting Cost
(inc. hardware)
Starting Cost
(inc. hardware and managed services)
Syl Inventory $500 per month $7500 per 3 month 
(minimum term)
$9000 per 3 month 
(minimum term)
Syl Discovery $500 per month $7500 per 3 month 
(minimum term)
$12000 per 3 month 
(minimum term)
Syl Enterprise Search $500 per month / per 100,000 records $1250 per month 
(36 month min. term)
$2650 per month 
(36 month min. term)

Note: Syl has standard pricing up to 100 million records or 20TB of data searched, but the technology can be extend far above those limits.

Syl can be provided on a pre-built server appliance, in a public or private cloud, or as part of a software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS).

Syl can be licensed by data volume (in GB) or number of digital assets/records for a perpetual license, with an annual maintenance fee, or for a set term of 12, 24 or 36 months and the price may include hardware and/or managed services.


Contact our sales team to find out which option is best for your organisation.