Pricing options for Syl

Syl can be deployed in three modes, Inventory Audit, Discovery Audit with analytics and Search. Inventory and Discovery are typically used for a short duration to help you to analyse your digital asset profile and determine how to deploy Syl Search or how to plan your digital asset transformation. Both Inventory and Discovery are available as fixed price packages starting from $15,000 for a three month duration, including hardware and implementation or we can just supply the software license starting from $500/month. Using Syl to run inventory audits does not mean you have to buy Syl Search. 

Syl Search license pricing is the same regardless of the platform. 

Syl can be deployed on an appliance, in a public or private cloud or as part of a SaaS or PaaS option. The license can be perpetual, with an annual maintenance fee, or for a set term of 12, 24 or 36 months and the price may include hardware and/or managed services. Please contact our sales team to find out which option is best for your organisation.

Syl is priced by the number of records searched or volume of data. We can also start with records searched and then move to volume of data as your requirements grow. 

License prices, exclusive of hardware, start from $500/month for 100,000 records or from $5,000 for up to 1Tb of data searched. Syl's has standard pricing up to 100 million records or 20Tb of data searched, but the technology can be extend far above those limits, and it is best to talk to a Syl representative if your requirements exceed those.

To discuss how you would like to use Syl and the pricing options available please Contact us or one of Syl’s partners.