Find meaningful information when you need it.

Syl Search provides unified access to your information wherever it is, using your own language. Our patented, semantic algorithms make sure you get the most relevant results every time. You get access to the information you need to stay well-informed and fully productive.

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Why Syl Search?

Increase productivity

Save time and money by accessing information quickly and easily.

Empower your users

Create an information-led culture by giving people timely access to the information they need.

Improve customer experience

Deliver a single customer view across multiple data sets to accelerate service calls and increase customer satisfaction.

String Validation

Syl queries can search for a specific string or a specific validated string. Validation is possible for specific strings such as credit card number, tax number or health number, etc making Syl able, for example, to search for every document containing a valid tax number.


What is Syl Search?

Powerful, easy-to-use search

Syl Search allows you to select the meaning of your search terms and looks for synonyms and other relationships, making it easy to find that vital piece of information.

Search in your own language

Syl Search allows you to search in your own language, using your terms, jargon and acronyms.

Flexible architecture

Syl Search integrates seamlessly with a wide range of systems, including enterprise content management systems (CMS), shared drives, email, social media, databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Search all your information

Syl Search supports all your information, irrespective of file size, format or metadata quality. Syl indexes structured, semi-structured and unstructured information and shows important relationships such as single customer views.

Integrated user experience

Through a range of application programming interfaces (APIs), Syl Search can be integrated into your chosen application to deliver the full power of Syl Search in a seamless user experience.

Automatically generate metadata

Syl Search can eliminate the risk of poor metadata quality by semantically indexing all content and generating metadata. Users search against the most complete index available, ensuring relevant results every time.