Embed the power of Syl by integrating the same Syl Platform that powers Syl Search and Syl Inventory.

We have designed all our products to be complementary, integrated and delivered from a single technology platform that is cost effective and flexible, with either capex or opex terms that meet your needs.

Syl Platform offers you the option to integrate the power of Syl into your current search strategy and business systems.

Interested in Syl Platform?

What is Syl Platform?


The Syl Platform is the heart of the Syl System. It provides many intrinsic functional and non-functional features that drive the core activities of retrieving information assets from various sources within an organisation. It extracts machine manageable text from these assets, intelligently processes that text, augments it, analyses it and makes it available to upstream products such as Syl Search and Syl Inventory.


Designed for the specific needs of enterprise security, the Syl Platform provides a variety of well-established capabilities, features and functions to ensure that the system is secure and the content it processes is secure. With a default, pessimistic access rights model, the Syl Platform utilises an early binding security trimming architecture to surface search results (fragments and links) only to those who are authorised to access the digital asset containing the content. Integration with existing enterprise directory services such as Active Directory are built in.


As an information access platform providing an enterprise search system, the Syl Platform needs to be able to access and process text-based content from a variety of source systems and file and record types. Syl Platform does this using a flexible, pipeline oriented architecture that utilises our own hand-crafted connectors – Agents. Content passes through a variety of processing and analytical activities such as thumbnail rendering, file identification, metadata generation and tagging, through to semantic analysis and indexing.


The Syl Platform is delivered as a hardware software appliance. It is built to scale out into one or more clusters comprising of any number of appliances, depending on the quantity of content and user base within the enterprise. Redundancy and failover options are also provided for depending on disaster recovery (DR) and availability requirements.


The Syl Platform is extremely flexible and geared specifically with enterprise deployment models in mind. This allows Syl Platform to be seamlessly distributed throughout the various infrastructure zones of an organisation such as on-site, hosted off-site, internal, and DMZ zones whilst providing a single touch point for all user types.

Why Syl Platform?

Optimise expenditure

Reduce ICT project and operational costs by archiving low-value information and disposing of duplicate and obsolete records. Identify and focus on high-value information.

Reduce risk

Ensure permissions and security policies are correctly applied to reduce the risk of data loss and unauthorised access.

Gain insight

Maximise your business performance by analysing patterns and trends that show how your market is changing and your business is evolving.