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Looking for a high quality GSA replacement solution?

Syl has developed a search solution that can replace the discontinued Google Search Appliance (GSA). We can even re-use the same GSA appliances to host Syl Search*, the same connectors and the same licensing costs as GSA (GUARANTEED), as well as features like federated search, semantic language processing and the other unique Syl Search features.

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Google announced in 2016 that it would discontinue their GSA product. This means no new systems can be purchased; resellers and partners can sell one-year license renewals for existing systems through 2017 to the end of 2018; and Google will continue to fix bugs, provide security updates and continue support until that date, with some support licenses remaining in effect through 2019.
Unlike many software products with term licenses, the GSA is licensed for a specific time frame. When the time limit passes, the software stops working, and the Google appliance ceases to search.

Syl’s GSA Replacement

Syl’s GSA replacement solution uses Syl Platform and Syl Search, and has features such as;

  • Designed specifically for the enterprise

  • Search APIs, to enhance your existing applications with search capability

  • Uses semantic context and meaning to increase accuracy of results

  • Adapts to industry-specific terminology and acronyms

  • Unifies information from structured and unstructured content sources

  • Provides federated search

  • Pre-built content connectors for search across multiple repositories

  • Complies with enterprise security models, single sign-on and policies out of the box, and offers complete flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in your IT systems and architecture

Syl’s GSA replacement solution includes the following;

  • Syl’s licensing is GUARANTEED to cost no more than your current GSA licensing

  • Prior to migration, Syl Inventory can provide you with a comprehensive inventory of all digital assets within the various content systems of your organisation that you wish to search, allowing you to make document life cycle and record management decisions ahead of Syl replacing GSA

  • GSA may have used connectors to repositories that Syl has not yet developed, but we will commit to develop these as part of our on-going development program. These development costs will be borne by Syl

  • Syl’s architecture allows you to implement the federated search you may have been waiting for

  • A comprehensive content migration and implementation plan

  • Delivered by Syl or one of Syl’s partners

Start your migration planning today. Request a free consultation with one of our implementation consultants to discuss your requirements and timeframe.

*Subject to a sizing exercise. It may be possible for Syl to re-use your existing GSA appliance equipment.



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