Privacy Policy

Syl Limited (Syl) respects the privacy of every individual whose personal information it handles. This Privacy Notice explains how Syl collects, stores and uses personal information that it gathers through its website, sylsearch.com (the “Site”) or when it otherwise has contact with you.

For the purposes of applicable legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, as amended or supplemented (the “Data Protection Laws”), and the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993, Syl is the controller of personal information collected through the Site.

Syl is fully committed to ensuring all personal information and/or data it collects and handles complies with applicable privacy laws.

This Privacy Policy applies only to external personal information and/or data provided by customers, contractors, suppliers and other external third parties that Syl interacts with.

This Privacy Policy applies to all of Syl’s entities and its affiliated entities in countries in which Syl operates and is subject to the applicable privacy laws in the jurisdiction where the entity operates. It sets out Syl’s policy on the management of personal information that it may receive or collect.

Personal information and/or data for the purpose of this policy is defined as “any information or opinion about an individual, whether true or not”.

What Personal Information does Syl collect, from Whom and for what Purpose?

Syl will only collect personal information that is necessary for its functions and activities by lawful means. The following types of personal information may be collected:

Syl Affiliates, Contractors and Suppliers

Personal information about Syl affiliates, contractors and suppliers, e.g. name, contact details and payment details. This information is collected so that we may contact them in relation to their services and/or products. We may also collect information from third parties relating to the performance of services and/or products. This information is collected for the purposes of monitoring or assessing the performance of services and/or products.


Personal information about Syl customers, e.g. name, contact details and billing details, is collected either directly from our customers, via our website or from attending conferences or by direct contact. This information is used for our business functions and activities, these include:

      • Providing technical support for products and/or services provided
      • Providing information about our products and/or services
      • Undertaking customer satisfaction surveys in order to improve and enhance our products and/or services
      • Account management and billing

Quality of Personal Information

Syl will take reasonable measures to ensure that Personal Information collected is accurate, up-to-date, complete and relevant. If Syl becomes aware that any of the Personal Information held is inaccurate, it will take prompt steps to correct it’s records.

Data Security

Syl takes active measures to ensure the security of Personal Information it holds is protected from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

All Syl ICT devices, storage and channels are subject to continuous monitoring, logging analysis and audit. Syl may choose to contract a third party to perform those functions.

All Personal Information on our web site is stored at secure premises using good quality security protocols managed by Syl's web site provider HubSpot. See HubSpot's Security Data Protection page.
Syl's security systems are regularly reviewed and updated to maintain the integrity of the Syl security posture.

Access and Correction of Personal Information

Subject to verification of identity, any Personal Information held about an individual may be accessed, updated or corrected by application to a Syl Privacy Officer.

Syl will endeavour to respond to access and correction of Personal Information within 15 business days after a written request is received by a Syl Privacy Officer.

Direct Marketing

Syl will only engage in direct marketing practices in accordance with the laws of the relevant country or jurisdiction. At any time an individual or organisation may contact Syl to request that they no longer receive any marketing material or information from Syl.

For email communications, Syl also provides a simple opt-out (unsubscribe) mechanism that individuals can easily submit at any time.

Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

As part of providing services to a customer, Syl may disclose Personal Information to third party suppliers, partners and contractors of services.

Syl may disclose some Personal Information to its affiliated entities in countries in which Syl operates for the purposes of providing services to our customers, including technical support. Such disclosure is subject to the privacy laws applicable in the jurisdiction where that affiliated entity is located.

As a provider and user of cloud services, Syl retains Personal Information on servers that may be located in a number of overseas countries. Syl will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no person or entity, breaches any relevant privacy laws.

Syl only retains Personal Information for as long as required by law and needed for our business functions and activities. It is then securely destroyed.

Website Browsing

Accessing Syl’s websites will result in some information being logged including the time of access, your IP address and the pages that have been viewed or accessed. This information is collected using HubSpot. Here is the link to the HubSpot Privacy Policy. If you would like to prevent HubSpot from logging your information whilst visiting the Syl websites you may choose to opt out of tracking.

Syl’s websites may contain links to external websites. Syl is not responsible for the content or privacy policies that govern such external websites.

8.0   Privacy Issues

Any questions about this Policy or to raise any issues about privacy within Syl should be directed to the Syl Privacy Officer via email at Privacy.Officer@sylsearch.com

Due to the nature of the services that Syl provides, in most situations it will be impracticable for an individual to deal with us on an anonymous basis. However, Syl will consider requests on a case by case basis.

If you are not satisfied with Syl’s response and the issue relates to a privacy concern or alleged breach by one of Syl’s affiliates, you may take your complaint to the relevant government authority responsible for Privacy.

Here is a link to Syl's Cookie Policy